We Are Rolling Out Breadcrumbs to Make Navigation Easier

Note: We did not send an email about this update to changelog subscribers as it's very small.

Thanks to Curtis Storring for the suggestion, you should now start to see breadcrumbs at the top of all relevant video pages.

This not only helps you remember which module you are in, but makes it easier to go back to a specific module overview page if you aren't interested in going directly to the Next or Previous lesson (buttons underneath each video).

How I Pick Up Expired Domains with (Seemingly) Minimal Competition

I've just went live with a video I know a lot of people are going to be interested in: How to find interesting expired domains (with link authority) that you can pick up.

There's quite a long introduction to this one to give a bit of backstory, but if you want to skip to the meat you can find it at 6 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

You can get the link to the video here: https://seoblueprint.com/minimal-competition-expired-domains/

I really hope you enjoy this one!

👥 We Now Have a Facebook Group (!)

After enough peer pressure over the last few weeks, we have finally caved and decided to create a Facebook group.

In all honesty, we think everyone requesting it was very right to do so, and a lot of SEOBlueprint members have already joined us inside.

You can find the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/seoblueprint/

Note that you will be asked for your course email address so we can help ensure only members are inside.

I should add, as I know people are going to be worried about this: This group is not for course support.

Not everyone uses Facebook (or wants to use Facebook) so that wouldn't be fair.

Also, the reason we didn't launch with a group is because groups are typically hard to manage and find things that have already been discussed.

I really like the on-site comment option where specific videos have all of their questions and answers in one place.

The primary purpose of the group is for members to be able to connect with each other, especially in order to create PINs, share link opportunities, ideas, and more.

Three New Local SEO Videos

We're very proud to have people like Brandon and Pratik with us on this course, helping to share their Local SEO expertise.

Today we're very happy to have just uploaded three new videos from Pratik, with some fantastic insights.

You can find them on the Local SEO Blueprint.

A Brand New 15-Minute Affiliate Site Audit

One of our members requested that we review his site and share some feedback on where he can improve. Both with on-site SEO and design and usability.

He's built a great resource already, but there were some areas for improvement. You can find the new video here.

We've Updated the Detailed Website Crawler to Version 2.1

If you haven't yet given the Detailed website crawler a spin, now might be the time to do exactly that.

We've just released an update which fixes the tool getting suck on certain URLs, and added an even easier way for you to find pages with trailing slash issues.

This page has all of the details.

Note that on future updates we aim to be able to update the software via the app, which we are now working on.

You Can Now Get Email Notifications of Comment Replies

Quite a few of you have been asking for this, so you can now get notifications when you leave a comment and somebody writes one after you.

By default the comment drop-down is set so that you will only receive emails if someone replies to *your* comment.

However, you can turn this off completely, or subscribe to all comments.

And if you change your mind down the road, you can use our subscription manager to enable or disable updates.

We're still very open to Slack and / or Facebook updates, as outlined here, but thought this was a smart first-step.

Really hope you like it!

An Unique Approach to Finding Affiliate Products to Promote

I'm incredibly excited to share today's video with you.

It uses a unique angle I've never seen anyone else talk about, and also includes a tool you can use for your own research to go with it.

You can find the video directly, at https://seoblueprint.com/affiliate-hot-products/.

There's also a worksheet to go with it with installation instructions and more things to keep in mind about the whole angle.

How to Detect Trailing Slash Issues on Large Sites

One of our commenters, Michael, asked for a way to 'hide' one version of URLs when doing a check for trailing slash issues.

I've just uploaded a video in our on-site SEO section - here - on how we do this for large websites.

If a website tends to load URLs with a trailing slash, we look at the opposite, and vice versa.

The approach we share is especially useful on large websites.

Thanks for the suggestion Michael, and I hope you all find this useful!

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