👥 We Now Have a Facebook Group (!)

After enough peer pressure over the last few weeks, we have finally caved and decided to create a Facebook group.

In all honesty, we think everyone requesting it was very right to do so, and a lot of SEOBlueprint members have already joined us inside.

You can find the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/seoblueprint/

Note that you will be asked for your course email address so we can help ensure only members are inside.

I should add, as I know people are going to be worried about this: This group is not for course support.

Not everyone uses Facebook (or wants to use Facebook) so that wouldn't be fair.

Also, the reason we didn't launch with a group is because groups are typically hard to manage and find things that have already been discussed.

I really like the on-site comment option where specific videos have all of their questions and answers in one place.

The primary purpose of the group is for members to be able to connect with each other, especially in order to create PINs, share link opportunities, ideas, and more.